Did you miss one of the 2016-17 "Parenting the Selfie Generation" workshops?  Click below to see the recorded workshop and handouts provided.


2016-17 Project Resilience Workshops Recordings and Handouts

"Sexting, Tweeting, Snapping & Other Teen Realities: What Parents Need To Know"

Tom Dardis, Ridgefield Police Department; Tim Salem, Scotts Ridge Middle School Principal; Robert Miller, RPS Director of Technology; Colleen Keenan, Student, RHS; Taylor Ranney, Student RHS; 
Chris Parrot, M. Sc., President, YourSelf Seriies. All talk about how to help your teen navigate the social media and technology world of today.



"The A to Zzzz’s of Managing Sleep With Kids and Teens"

This presentation will help parents:

-Understand sleep architecture and the importance of restful, sufficient sleep for kids and teens

-Recognize the key differences in sleep throughout the life span and the changes in circadian rhythms that occur at different ages

-Develop effective strategies to promote healthy sleep hygiene and sleep routines for your kids and teens

Handout from workshop: Adolescent Sleep PPT



“Interning for Adulthood: Essential Skills Teens Need to Succeed in Adulthood”

This presentation will help parents:
-Understand the importance of teaching money management skills to kids of all ages
-Learn effective strategies for teaching time management, organizational skills and the importance of chores
-Take home ideas to help kids learn skills in problem-solving, self- advocacy and resolving peer conflicts


"How To Raise an Adult: Break Free of the Overparenting Trap and Prepare Your Kid for Success"

Julie Lythcott-Haims, Former dean at Stanford University and international keynote speaker, helps parents:
-Understand how to build confidence in their children and teens
-Develop essential life skills that will foster success in school, work and relationships
- Appreciate the serious risks of over-protecting kids and avoiding mistakes and disappointments



"The World of Work: Getting Your Teen Ready Begins Now!"

Jeffrey Selingo talks about the new workplace that our young people will enter after college and what they can do to better prepare themselves for those challenges.

"Stress Busters:  Teaching Your Kids to Cope Effectively"
Local experts talk about how to help you and your child recognize and relieve the stress of adolescence. Panelist included - Tracy Masella, LCSW (Silver Hill); Leslie Cohen-Rubury, LCSW; Elizabeth Archibald, MPH, RD; Kristin Kleis (Ridgefield Public Schools)
"Sexting & Hooking Up - Talking with Your Teen About Sex and Healthy Relationships"
Presented by Kate Ott, Ph.D, Drew University and Anne Rodwell-Lawton, Women’s Center of Greater Danbury 
"Parenting the Selfie Generation:“When Kids Won’t Go: Coping with School Avoidance and Anxiety”
Presented by Dr. Aaron Krasner, M. D. Silver Hill Hospital. This is a collaboration of Ridgefield Public Schools, Ridgefield Council of PTA’s, Ridgefield Library, Ridgefield Youth Commission, Books on Common, Project Resilience, Town Vibe, Fairfield County Bank and Silver Hill Hospital.