About Us


Where is Council represented?

  • Council has a seat at the Board of Education meetings and a BOE liaison

When are meetings held?

  • Full Council meetings are once a month, including the Superintendent, BOE rep and teacher rep

  • PTA unit presidents meet once a month with the Superintendent

  • Council Board of Directors meets five times during the school year.

What does Council do?

  • Share best practices and information across the district

  • A liaison for the Presidents to Superintendent and her office – similar to the Principal – the BOE and other town boards

  • A liaison to CT PTA – everyone has their own relationship but for things that are common, Council is often the most efficient way to get information – such as mandatory President and Treasurer training each year

What type of organization is Council and the unit PTA?

  • Council and individual units each have their own 501c3 status and separate EIN numbers

  • Every unit carries their own insurance via CT PTA

  • Every unit has a set of rules to abide by: federal and state laws, IRS rules, and PTA bylaws

  • PTA Presidents and Treasurers go through mandatory PTA training each year to stress the importance of these sets of rules.